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  YNCNC has many years of experience in the 3D Vertical Wall Printing Machine industry. YNCNC is the leader of wall printer industry with advanced production technology, perfect after-sales service.  latest independent researched and developed vertical small industrial wall mural printer machine has wide range of applications, high printing precision, and printing quality is perfect and colorful. 

Standard Machine Features Description
Name Wall Printing machine 
UV ink
A set , 4bottles(4colors) , 500ml/color
Machine working area 0.75W*5L*2.2H m
Servo motors One servo motor +two stepper motors+ reducer
Print size height 3m * length (unlimited)
nozzle type Epson DX7
Inkjet technology Intelligent micro piezoelectric inkjet technology
Nozzle QTY DX7(1pcs)
Ink Special designed environment friendly organic ink
Wall detection Nano distance detectors(2pcs)
Ink supply system Positive pressure siphon ink supply system
Lifting system Automatic
positioning system Precise infrared laser positioning system
Applicable wall Rigid plane wall:Putty wall, emulsion paint wall, white wall, imitation porcelain strong concrete wall
Other materials Ceramic tile,wood,acrylic,pvc, metal plate,etc.(coated)