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Sign letter aluminum letter coils

Item No.: 70mm
Aluminum coils to make sign letters
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channel letter aluminum coils / channelume coils

1, High-quality, elegant and luxurious, brilliant.
2, The bottom specific gravity, only one of the three parts of stainless steel is heavy and easy to form.
3, Scratch resistance, surface hardness to sapphire level.
4, Environmental protection and non-toxic, products have passed SGS environmental certification.
5, Engage in static electricity, do not vacuum and easy to clean, strong anti-fingerprint ability.
6, The surface color is the same, the oxide layer does not fall off.
Aluminum Channel letter Coils
Width 3cm,4cm,5cm,6cm,7cm,8cm,9cm,10cm,11cm
Thickness 0.5mm ,0.6mm,0.8mm
Colors Black, white, red, silver ,blue, yellow, green, brushed silver, Mint Blue,
Brushed Gold , Mirror Silver, Mirror Gold, Mirror Rose Gold
Size Flat Coil=100m/Roll, DF Coil = 50m/Roll
MOQ 1 rolls
Place of Origin Weifang,Shandong,China

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